Is The SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool Your Next Sidekick?

Innovation in the multitool industry continues to lean towards the creation of the perfect pliers-and-jackknife product. This year, leading multitool manufacturer SOG introduced a new masterpiece, the PowerAssist.

This special multitool comes equipped with gear-powered pliers, a seatbelt cutter and even a switchblade-opening feature that is straight out of a transformer movie.

The PowerAssist is branded as the only high speed deployment multitool in the market and comes with some neat enhancements. At merely, $115 it offers a good bang for your buck, unlike many other multitool manufacturers in the market.

The Blades

The best parts perhaps about the PowerAssist are the blades. The two blades, one serrated and the other straight flip open at the just a quarter-inch flick of the thumb. This is why it is called a high speed deployment multitool. The blades open up within the blink of an eye!

Gear-Powered Pliers

The most annoying part about using multitool pliers is that they tend to get jammed and might even jam in a finger in the process as well. This isn’t the case with the PowerAssist. This masterpiece from SOG has two small cogs rolling together in the frame which don’t just make the pliers function smooth but according to SOG also double your grip.

People who have tested the pliers admit that the cogs certainly add to the grip and overall strength of the pliers, unlike most other multitools on the market. In fact, one user said that it crushed a thumb sized cedar splinter with much ease compared to a Leatherman Skeletool model.

Beyond The Blades

Apart from the blades and the pliers, the SOG PowerAssist comes with a wire cutter, can and bottle opener, screwdriver and a V-blade, perfect for ripping off seatbelts. The V-blade can also be used to open packages.

The tool weighs in at merely 9.5 ounces and comes with a lightweight, durable leather pouch.

The Final Verdict

At $115, the SOG PowerAssist packs a lot of power. The pliers are relatively stronger and offer much more strength compared to other pliers multitools.

However, the strength and high quality comes at a price. The tool is large and certainly heavy when in the pocket.

If you do want a powerful jackknife and like to keep your switchblades handy, this is what you need. Looking for SOG PowerAssist multitool reviews? Stay updated with our blog and feel free to contact us with your questions.

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