SOG Power Assist Multi-Tool Reviews

SOG Power Assist Multi-Tool

When shopping for multi tools, it can be all too easy to become distracted by the quantity of tools that are included and overlook the actual quality of those tools. But, in reality, what good are 16 separate tools if they are all flimsy and ineffective? You’d be better off carving your own tools out of rocks like our ancestors!

With that said, sometimes you really do need the variety of having a full suite of 16 separate tools. Unfortunately, if you do need that kind of variety, you have to be prepared to pay extra for them.

However, as the SOG Power Assist proves, you also don’t need to take out a second mortgage just to get a quality multi tool. Learn more about it below!

Features & Benefits

The SOG Power Assist multi tool not only performs amazingly, it also looks absolutely gorgeous. And to top it all off, it is very reasonably priced for a higher end multi tool. Check out some of the key specs below:

  • Includes 16 separate tools
  • Heavy duty nylon sheath
  • ​Compound Leverage design for more grip and force
  • ​Easily operated with just one hand
  • ​Tools lock into place to avoid accidents and injury
  • ​Made from durable 420 stainless steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The patented compound leverage is one of the most unique and attractive features of this particular multi tool. This is a design that allows you to get a stronger grip as well as more force with the pliers.

Because instead of just relying purely on the force of your own hand, there are gears inside the tool that assist you, multiplying the total amount of possible force.

That’s an awesome feature to have no matter who you are because the pliers often end up being one of the most used tools in any multi tool. That and the blades are really the key essentials you must have. So considering how frequently you will probably use the pliers, it’s very helpful to have such well-designed pliers at the ready.

Beyond that, you are getting 15 other beautifully designed tools made from durable stainless steel. So it’s not only an extremely diverse range of tools but each and every one is built to last and built to perform well.

And to top it all off, you can easily access any of the 16 tools using just one hand. This is going to be a feature that is extremely handy in a number of situations. You can easily switch between the different tools you need without having to move your other hand. This is great in case you need to hold something in place, for example.

Our review on the SOG Power assist multi-tool can help you decide if it’s the right fit for you!

It comes equipped with 16 different tools all in one. One of its most distinguishing features is the compound leverage, which makes for a very secure grip. Not only does it possess a high quality in design and function, it comes at a very reasonable price as well! With its limited lifetime warranty, the SOG Power assist is a worthwhile purchase.

Potential Drawbacks

In your research you may find some complaints about the locking feature. Admittedly, it is a little bit on the flimsier side. Some tools can start to fall out of place. However, they are securely mounted to the tool.

The rest of the device is sturdy and well-built. So this is really a small price to pay for the ability to get a high end multi tool at a surprisingly affordable price.

What Customers Say

One of the best ways to really get a sense of how a product will perform or what kind of benefits it might provide for you is to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) other people were with it. Check out this testimonial from an actual customer below:

This is a very good point regarding the quality of this multi tool. Plenty of multi tools will come with a set of pliers but the actual quality of those pliers can vary so greatly that the cheap ones are basically useless.


The same is true of all the separate tools that can be included in a multi tool. But as this testimonial shows, when you go with the SOG, you get tools that actually work and work well.

As helpful as testimonials can be in helping you understand the real value a product can add, you do have to keep in mind that different people do have different needs and priorities.

So while these testimonials you have read can be helpful, you might also want to look for more testimonials and reviews from customers who have very similar needs and priorities as you do. Doing this will give you the most accurate idea of how well a product will match your specific needs.

Buying Advice

While there is always some risk in ordering online, when you go with a reputable site like amazon, you can be sure you are getting what you ordered. And by ordering online, you have time to try out the product at home and send it back if it’s not performing as expected. And with the limited lifetime warranty, there is almost no risk to you!

Final Word

This is definitely one of the more affordable high end multi tools. Coming in at just above $60, you are getting the versatility and functionality for just a few dollars more than a low end multi tool. And the pliers alone would make this a worthwhile purchase. The fact that you get 15 other tools along with them is really just a great bonus.

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